Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Meadow

This weekend I went to a women's retreat up in the mountains with my Omens Ministry through church. I learned about myself, I learned about got, learned more about Grace, forgiveness, love, and Jesus. I met new friends, caught up with older ones and built new relationships. Sometimes we do not see why things happen until later. I heard a testimony from my Sunday school partner ( we teach 5 year olds) and she was part of the reason I was going but I didn't realize that my going had such an impact on her. *tears* God is so good. I also received the Holy Spirit ( again) I say again because I was given the same words I was given as a child. I get the MOST AMAZING feeling when I say them.  I am in a season of learning to love myself.  No I don't totally but learning more about Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and how much they love me.  I should. I need to.  I also saw things that give me hope, a new man.  Not soon, but eventually. And the beautiful voices lifeted in worship. So beautiful. That's Amazing Grace.  So during this retreat we had free time. I took my pens and my sketch book and walked and prayed and walked. I found a little place off the road. Sat down and stilled myself. Spoke to God (yes out loud. ) I looked around me and found some beautiful oak leaves and a little plant ( not sure of the name) and I finished it tonight. So two of the tangles are organic ( one based on the plant I saw and the other is the OKE tangle) the third non organic tangle is Balo.

Have a Blessed Day 

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