Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Birthday Gift with a Great Message

I recently went to a birthday party for a young girl.  Being a woman and a mother of 3 girls I know how  hard the pressure is to look like a Barbie doll even though that is SO VERY unrealistic.
So I created these 3 canvases and had the girl (w/no face) flow over two and the message framed on one.

The message is this:

No Beauty Shines Brighter than that of a Good Heart.

I really wanted to use this Bible Verse. But for the Life of me could not get it to Stamp, hand write or come out the way I liked it.  So I went with the above saying instead.

After a Marathon of working on these canvas' (which just really means I fell into my work which i do often. ) This was the final result  (this is after layers and layers and Layers of paper, texture paste, tissue paper, oil pastels, water color just some of the things used). 

The reaction from the little girl was worth the late night and the flow of the creativity.  Thats what I live for.  I love giving my art as gifts.  Especially to people I know which cherish them.  This is something that can last a lifetime.  I really really like the end results. 

Have fun being Creative!

Recent Work

This is a mixed media art journal page I did last week of a little girl looking at the sky with her teddy. I drew the little girl and then put her on the page.  It has layers and layers of stuff found objects and so forth.

Here is the progress:

Here is the final page:

Have fun being creative!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Sorry that I have been on Hiatus latley.  I have been doing artwork.  I had major back surgery in June and have been recovering and haven't really posted much.
So I have a lot of art work to post here. Mostly Mixed media which I have fallen in love with again. :)

Look out for more ART to be posted!!!!