Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Walking Through the Bible

Here is my tile for this weeks Tripple B Bible Challenge.
This weeks book is JOSHUA.  It tried to tie in warrior type tangles because Joshua was Gods warrior to get his people to the promised land.

Here are the tangles I used:
J - Joy - CZT® Joyce Block
O - On Target - Barbara Finwall
S - Seedlings - Mei Hua Teng (aka Damy) 
H - Huggins - Zentangle®-original
U -  Up and Across - Suzanne McNeill
A - Arrowheads

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful mandala! Thank you so much for sticking with the challenge. I'll keep it running even if it's for one or two people.

    1. Thank you, I wanted something nice and simple. I think this fits the bill. I want to thank you for making the challenge work and keeping it going. I know not a lot of people participate. I would be doing on it my own otherwise.

  2. This is really beautiful. I wish I were able to do linework like yours. :-)

  3. Christina - I'm cancelling the "Triple B" challenge due to lack of participation. I'll still be finishing my drawings going through the Bible on my own...I left off at Song of Solomon. I encourage you to continue on your own through the books. It really makes you think when mixing the patterns together! Sorry I can't keep it going.

  4. No worries I totally understand. I am currently on hiatus due to surgery. I hope once my mind clears I'll be be able to tangle again.