Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Challenge -Genisis

Walking through the bible. This is not my original idea.  I found a wonderful website today that opened my eyes to some things.  I can incorporate my faith into my art. With Zentangling. This art form never senses to amaze me. I absolutely love its versatility.
Here is the website:  Chrissie Murphy Designs

I hope you enjoy this series. I will probably make a book for them. This tile is an artist tile, I used watercolor a for the background. This is from the book of Genisis. One should always start at the beginning right?
Here are the tangles used:
G - gloven
E - eddy
N - netting ( I messed this one up and it ended up a form of bales)
E - efilys
S - swirl
I - inapod
S - squid

I also used tangle string number #063

Have a wonderful day!

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